Creation of advertising campaign with influencers

Influencers are people with relevance and persuasiveness among their followers, which makes it easier for brands to approach their potential audience in a fresher and more direct way.

With this premise, I designed a pilot test within the marketing plan with the aim of analyzing whether these types of actions could be included permanently within the media mix, so, once the strategy was defined, I made a very exhaustive selection of Influencers taking into account that:

– The Influencers were aligned with the values ​​of the brand.
– Their followers were the UOC target.
– Their editorial line was adjusted to that of the UOC.

Once selected, they enrolled in the UOC to be able to explain their UOC experience to their followers in the first person.

With this action we achieved a volume of impressions of our brand and a % of engagement 5% above expected, generating an impact and a positive conversation in your community.

The actions were carried out on different social networks, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube and Twitch.

Thanks to the success obtained, these actions were included as fixed actions within the mix of channels.

Furthermore, our case was considered a success story in the Interactiva magazine.

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