Inbound Marketing strategy development

Many of the leads captured in advertising campaigns did not end up converting and consequently were lost. For this reason, we decided to analyze the feasibility of introducing an Inbound Marketing strategy.
To carry out this analysis, we decided to carry out a pilot test with the UOCx non-university educational line.
To carry out this project, we first defined the buyer personas, their pain points and the aspects that made them decide on the UOC.
We did this jointly with our call center, who analyzed the calls made.
Once the information was obtained and organized We develop three points to work:
1. Creation of a blog with content worked for SEO and focused on responding to all the pain points that potential students might have, as well as publicizing the educational model and the academic offer.
And driving traffic to the ebooks.
2. Writing of ebooks that were a point of attraction for potential students to leave their data.
3. Design of a Flow of emailings, to achieve the maturation and conversion of leads.
This project obtained metrics higher than those set in the initial hypotheses, so, once consolidated, it will be scaled to the entire offer training UOC.

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