Base web evolution: sports stores

Base: detallsport is a purchasing center made up of more than 500 stores, of which some 250 were under the base brand: sports stores.
In 2006-2009 there was a boom with the appearance of social networks that changed the way in which brands related to their consumers.
Websites also evolved, going from being static pages, where there was only an image and some information about the company, to dynamic pages, with content, products and e-commerce.
Given this situation, I saw that there was a great opportunity for the brand to position itself in an innovative way and participate in the conversation, so I raised the possibility of improving the brand's presence on the Internet, which which resulted in the creation of two parallel projects which I led.
· Evolve the web from a static space to a dynamic one where users could consult content, products, articles, etc.
· · Generating an identity d igital of the brand in social networks and blog through the concept of "base movement" defining the discourse and tone.
Thanks to this, the "base:" brand became a more social and accessible brand that participated in the digital conversation, establishing relationships of trust with its followers, improving its notoriety and its positioning in search engines.

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